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This plaque is in Portsmouth and commermorates amongst others my Grandfather’s gun team from WW1. My Grandfather was blinded on the Somme in 1916.After he was repatriated and within 2 weeks his gun team was wiped out with a direct hit
LARGE DOCUMENT GROUP TO ARMY PAGE 15 This is a grp of documents to the Army of a later Group Captain dRzV the Ortskommandantur I/567 and Leader-Reserve in the Military District 1.WW1 registered service from 03/08/1914 with awards;EK2/Hindenburg Cross with Swords.WW2 registered service from 28/08/1939 awards:Ost Front and KVK2 with Swords.There are many entries in his Wehrpass and Soldbuch including:Upper Rhine,Maas,Mosel,Verdun,France,Eastern Campaign,Ukraine.You have two passports one from 1920 and the other from 1935.Membership card of the Party of the German MiddleClass of 1930.Membership card of the Association  Remscheid City Mission 1937.Various leisure certificates, discharge papers. There is also an outer cover for his Soldbuch WW1 HE SERVED IN:I.Rekr.Dep.Felda.Rgt.23,II.Ers.Abtlg.Felda Regt.83,I.Abtlg.Felda.Regt.220,Ldw.Felda.Regt.8,5.Battr.Felda. Rgt.79.And in WW2:Pfd.Besch.Kom.VI-428,County Commandant 664(v),County Commandant 567,Ortskommandantur I/567,Guide Res.Released in Military District VI and on 10/10/1944 to the Lds. Schutz.Ers.Btl.6. This is a very comprehensive history of one man who took part in the two World Wars of the 20th Century.All documents are in good condition.  
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