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Collector’s information
Please note this is not an exhaustive list of makers for the following medals and badges just the most frequently encountered Coastal Artillery Badge:Juncker,Schwerin Berlin,Friedrich Linden (F L L),Wernstein (W),Rudolf Souval (R.S.), Forster and Barth (L/21),Funcke and Bruninghaus (L/56),Hermann Aurich (H A D ),Bracqueville, this is the French issued badge the main difference being in the rougher appearance of the wreath,also the central gun was slightly different from the  1st type. Auxilary Cruiser War Badge:Schwerin Berlin,Friedrich Orth (f o),Rudolf Souval (R.S.),V.Wilhelm,Bracqueville,this is the French issued badge being the 2nd type of one piece construction with small variations mainly the French style Eagle. Destroyer War Badge:Schwerin Berlin,Friedrich Orth (f o),Sohni,Heubach and Co (S.H.u.Co),Hobachter (W.H.),Josef Feix and Son (JFS),Rudolf Souval (R.S.),Juncker,Godet (21),Steinhauer and Luck (4),Oechsler and Son (14),Berg and Nolte (BNL), Bracqueville,this is the French version (2nd type) and had a variation in the leaf pattern in it’s wreath and the destroyer was more finely worked and the detail greatly enhanced. Minesweepers Badge:Schwerin Berlin,W.Hobachter (W.H.),Emil Juttner (EJL),Rudolf Souval (R.S.),Adolf Scholze (AS in triangle), W.Deumer (L/11),Stainhauer and Luck (4),C.F.Zimmermann (20). High Seas Fleet Badge:Schwerin Berlin,Richard Sieper (R S and S),Friedrich Orth (f o),Adolf Bock,B.H.Mayer (L/18), Rudolf Souval (R.S.) these are the 1st type the 2nd type was by a Paris manufacturer Mourgeon the badge was identical in most respects apart from the way the wreath was produced.The difference lies in the way the wreat is produced.In this case the oak leaves are of a more offset pattern giving a rougher appearance.The eagle has a rounder form of fletching to the underside of the wing and the actual wingspan of the eagle that surmounts the wreath is reduced. U Boat War Badge:Schwerin Berlin,Friedrich Orth (f o ),Wilhelm Deumer (3),Otto Schickel (L/15),Richard Karneth (R.K). EK2 1939:3,4,5,6,13,16,22,23,24,25,27,33,35,40,42,44,49,55,65,75,93,95,100,108,113,120,122,123,125,128,133,142,l/3,l/11. EK1 1939:4,6,8,15,20,26,52,65,100,107,L/10,L/11,L/12,L/13,L/15,L/16,L/18,L/19,L/50,L/52,L/53,L/54,L/55,L/56,L/57,L/58,L/59 KVK2 with Swords:4,14,18,19,34,43,45,56,57,101,113 KVK2 without Swords:4,14,18,19,34,43,45,56,57,101,113. KVK1 with Swords:3,3(in a square box)4,8,(in a square box),15,19,50,52,56,62,65,84,L/11,L/15,L/52,L/58,L/15. KVK1 without Swords:3,3(in a square box),4,8 (in a square box),15,19,50,52,56,62,65,84,L/11,L/15,L52,L/58,L/15. Wound Badges in Black,Silver and Gold:3,4,13,16,26,30,32,65,81,92,100,107(in a raised oblong box with rounded ends),124,L/14, L/16,L/22,L/53(in raised oblong box),L/57,L/11,L/14,L/54. Wound Badges Black,Silver,Gold: ‘20th July 1944’ First Type:L/12 General Assault Badge:f o,G.B,Fran and Reif. Infantry Assault Badges in Bronze and Silver:B.W.S.(within clover leaf),JFS,L.C.F,S.H.u.Co,WH,L/56. Bronze Tank Battle Badge:A,AS,A.W.S.1942,H(over stirup),R.K.,R.R.S.,KWM(within a circle),W,Frank and Reif. Silver Tank Battle Badge@A,AS,A.W.S.1942,H (over a stirup),R.K.,R.R.S.,WM(within a circle)W,Frank and Reif. NSDAP Long Service Crosses in Bronze (10yrs),Silver(15yrs),Gold(25yrs),1,10,19,20,100,RZM M/52.
Reccommended reading:World War 2 German medals and Politcal Awards By Christopher Ailsby Ian Allan Publishing First published 1994
Collector’s information